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How to Convert Text to WAV File Using Text-to-WAV Wizard

Convert text to wav files from your emails, news articles and any text you want!

Step One - Select "Wav Wizard" from File menu.

Select Text to WAV Wizard.

Step Two - Select the voice you like, the output path and wav filename, and writing speed, then click "Next".

Select voice from Text to WAV Wizard

Step Three - Type or paste some text to the edit box, then click "Convert". The the program will start to convert text to wav file.

Input some text to Text to WAV Wizard

Step Four - Wait for converting text to wav finish, then click "Exit" button to exit Wav Wizard.

Ok. Finish to convert text to wav.

What is "Writing Speed"?
This setting controls the speed at which CoolSpeaking attempts to convert text to WAV file.
1x means converting is done at the same time as reading aloud.
8x means converting to file takes 1 eighth the time as reading aloud.

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